Microsoft Script Debugger

Microsoft Script Debugger 14.0

It is a debugging environment that extends any ActiveX® Scripting host program
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Microsoft Script Debugger is a debugging environment that extends any Microsoft ActiveX® Scripting host application—for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) or Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).
This version of the Script Debugger is deprecated technology and is no longer supported. Please see the "Additional Information" section at the bottom of this page.
When used in conjunction with IE and IIS, Web developers can browse, edit, and debug scripted HTML pages (.htm, .html, and .asp files) on both the client and the server. The Script Debugger allows developers to more efficiently and effectively develop script applications.
Script Debugger enables developers to view the source code of the script they are debugging; control the pace of script execution with break points and stepping; view and change variable and property values with the Command Window; view and control script flow with the Call Stack Window.

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